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Treatment Options: Making it a Positive Environment

Remedies and treatments
Trying remedies and treatments for autism

I wanted to put a blog on how it's important not to get discouraged when you find yourself trying new things out and having no success or getting backlash from others regarding your decision. I have to say, when it comes to learning about new remedies, I am a sucker and willing to try almost all of them. Sometimes, I read something or see a short video on a routine, a supplement, or therapy, and my mind goes into hyperdrive. I dive deeper into the research to come to a dead end or a loophole that either requires a lot of money or seems like a trap.

But what gets me is some of the comments people leave or say with these posts. People forget that each person reacts differently to any treatment as an individual. And the negativity is overwhelming! It is very disheartening when people say the product is a sham and doesn't work. Most people looking at these posts are all in the same boat and looking for the same shimmering light of hope. And I think that we would all benefit from simple comments or feedback just saying, "We gave it a shot and didn't have success, but hopefully you do," or a simple "It's awesome. Give it a shot!" or even "Seems like a great idea but not for me."

That's part of why my wife and I wanted to start a website and social media platforms that help people find these ideas in a positive atmosphere. There is no judgment, just options with support. Since we are all on a similar journey, we can all learn from each other and help our loved ones live life at their fullest potential. I hope you enjoyed this read and would love some feedback.

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